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The NeuroMET group was established in December 2018 by Dr. Matija Milosevic.

If you are interested in graduate studies or postdoctoral fellow opportunities at Osaka University, please send your CV to Dr. Matija Milosevic


Dr. Taishin Nomura

BioDynamics Laboratory - Osaka University

Dr. Kimitaka Nakazawa

Nakazawa Sports and Neurorehabilitation Lab - University of Tokyo

Dr. Milos R. Popovic

Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory - Toronto Rehab & University of Toronto

Dr. Kei Masani

MASL - Toronto Rehab & University of Toronto

Dr. Dany Gagnon

Laboratoire de Pathokinésiologie - University of Montreal

Dr. Dimitry Sayenko

Neuromodulation & Recovery Lab - Houston Methodist University

Dr. Luka Milosevic

Translational Neurophysiology and Brain Stimulation - Krembil Brain Institute & University of Toronto

Dr. Albert Vette

Neuromuscular Control & Biomechanics Laboratory - University of Alberta

Dr. Masayuki Hirata

Department of Neurological Diagnosis and Restoration - Osaka University


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science - KAKENHI

MEI Center - Osaka University

Osaka University

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